Stirling Natural Environment Coastcare Inc (SNEC)


Coastal Planning and Management Manual - A community guide
for protecting and conserving the Western Australian coast.           (highly recommended)
Master Gardeners at Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority: for free advice
on growing local native plants for home gardens. Ph 9480 3672  (highly recommended)
'Coastal Foreshore Action Plan, Trigg Point to Watermans Bay,  Part 1', City of Stirling
'Coastal Foreshore Action Plan, Trigg Island to Peasholm Street, Part 2', City of Stirling
'Local Biodiversity Strategy, Establishing Biodiversity as a core Community Value', City of Stirling


'An Introduction to Coastal Gardens' ‘West Coastal Grow Local Plants’ brochure –
SNEC-City of Stirling,  .Available from City of Stirling. 

 City of Stirling 25 Cedric Street Stirling WA 6021
Telephone (08) 9345 8555 | Facsimile (08) 9345 8822
'An Introduction to Coastal Gardens
This brochure has been produced in association with Stirling Natural Environment Coastcare through funding from a ‘Caring For Our Country’ community grant.

Stirling Natural Environment Coastcare volunteers are dedicated to the environmental conservation and restoration of the City of Stirling coastline. For many years they have worked tirelessly to remove invasive, non-native plant species and to restore the coastal vegetation to a natural and resilient state.

One of the most important challenges to coastal rehabilitation is preventing weed spread from domestic residences - coastal dunes are particularly vulnerable to this invasion. If you live close to the beach, you can assist in the valuable work of Stirling Natural Environment Coastcare by controlling and reducing weeds in your garden, and planting local natural coastal vegetation in its place. Doing this will stop your garden accidentally contributing further environmental weeds to this threatened system.

Weeds fail to properly support the animal communities (including birds, insects, reptiles and marsupials) that rely on the coastal diversity of natural plant species; and they eliminate the natural plants that these animals depend upon for food, nesting and shelter.

 'A Guide to the Weeds of Western Australia'
BMJ Hussey, GJ Keighery, RD Cousens, J Dodd, SG Lloyd
Publisher: The Plant Protection Society of Western Australia (Inc),1997
'Coastal Plants, Perth & South West Region'
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'Bushland Weeds: A practical guide to their management'.
Kate Brown, Kris Brooks, Environmental Weeds Action Network (Inc), 2003
'Growing Locals: Gardening with Local Plants in Perth'
R. Powell & J. Emberson , WA Naturalists Club (Inc)

 Perth NRM's Coastcare Officer  9285 5099